Shree Chandeswori School


Two hours on bus from Kathmandu to Chapagaun – the nearest town center – followed by three more hours on bus and a little more than an hour hike up hill, you will reach Shree Chandeswori Secondary School. Around 60 households – all indigenous Tamangs – live in Shimle ward of Pyutar village where the school is located. Established in 1977 as a primary school, a total of 142 students study in the school today, including from early childhood development program to grade 10. All students are Tamangs, including from neighboring wards of the village. Half of the students are girls. Fourteen persons – teachers and other staff – are employed at the school, including 4 women.

Two earthquakes that hit Nepal on April 25 and May 12 destroyed – completely or partially – four of the six cabins of the school, including teachers’ quarter and administrative building. All of the cabins were marked ‘unsafe’ through inspection of District Education Office. Since then, 60 students of five classes have been taking their lessons in two Temporary Learning Centers (TLCs) built in the school’s assembly space cum playground towards the end of May. Students of other grades are compelled to take lessons in unsafe cabins.

The cabin going to be rebuilt and the TLCsOne of the destroyed cabin (that will be rebuilt) and the TLCs

“By now, the TLCs have outlived their expected life span of two to three months – particularly because of the thick fog and strong wind that occurs almost daily in the hilltop where the school lies,” says Dudhraj Jimba (Lama), the School Principal. “The school management seeks support to rebuild the cabins to last for long-term, not put up temporary structures anymore.” A small amount of budget that the District Education Office provided is far from enough to repair even one of the three cabins housing classrooms, let alone rebuild them.

Efforts for temporary rebuilding of cabin went in vain due to strong wind in the hilltopEfforts for temporary rebuilding of cabin went in vain due to strong wind in the hilltop

The school management committee estimates that a total of NPR 555,000 (approx. USD 5, 550) is required to rebuild one of the cabins so as to take lessons of the five classes in the permanent cabin before winter brings thicker fog in the mornings. Breakdown of the estimate is as follows:

  1. Stone/rocks –               NPR 70,000
  2. Door/window frames – NPR 85,000
  3. CGI sheets and trust – NPR 150,000
  4. Cement and rods –       NPR 50,000
  5. Labor costs –                NPR 110,000
  6. Sand/gravel –                NPR 20,000
  7. Plinth –                          NPR 10,000
  8. Transportation –            NPR 50,000
  9. Miscellaneous –            NPR 10,000

        TOTAL                           NPR 555,000

CEmSoJ Foundation and the school management committee have agreed to work together for immediately rebuilding a cabin towards long-term collaboration for reconstruction of other cabins and school structures and other necessary support. That includes technical (volunteer teacher) and financial or material support for building up computer and English education in the school and equipping the school library for up to secondary level, among others.

Facade of the cabin going to be rebuilt immediatelyFacade of the cabin going to be rebuilt

Rebuilding of the cabin will begin in mid-September with the resources available with CEmSoJ and the school. However, we are still short of around USD 3,000 and thus call for financial or material support from willing individuals, groups and organizations.

Financial support can be channeled through

Bank Account Name: CEMSOJ

Account Number: 01310067674017

Bank Name: Civil Bank Ltd.

Bank Branch: Sundhara, Patan

Bank Address: Sundhara-6, Lalitpur, Nepal

Swift Code: CIVLNPKA

For cash and material support and volunteer, please email us at or contact Devendra Man Shakya (, +977-9841080092) or Rita Sherpa (, +977-9843583277)

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